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We Called It First: How Pollster Robert Cahaly Backs Our Prediction of a Trump Electoral Win

The Trafalgar Group's Robert Cahaly Goes Against Mainstream Media and Releases Data Showing Silent Trump Vote is Bigger Than Anyone Knows... (Except For Us)

On August 21, 2020, fifteen-year-old published author and political strategist, Jett James Pruitt, released a shocking prediction that went against nearly every major presidential poll in the news today.

After analyzing key historical voting data (such as the effect of riots on presidential elections) Pruitt predicted the silent majority will be much more concerned with maintaining law and order, strong borders, and preservation of history, versus combating wealth inequality, racial injustice, and the effects of climate change, in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News continuously cite polls indicating Joe Biden is leading President Trump by as much as ten points in several swing states. Yet, after careful evaluation of less media-covered sources, Pruitt continues to assert he sees an opposite trend.

Pruitt points out that unlike previous election cycles, a large number of voters are purposefully misleading pollsters by refusing to participate, pretending to be undecided, or falsely voicing support for the Biden-Harris ticket in an effort to rock the system.

"We have no way of quantifying this phenomenon," says Pruitt from his Palm Beach Gardens office in Florida. "It's clear that at least one-third of all Trump supporters are staying quiet in fear of losing clients, friends, or family. Just how much this will affect the accuracy of professional polling organizations is unknown."

Back in August, Pruitt outlined an electoral college win for the Republican Party. Specifically, 288 electoral votes for Trump versus 250 electoral votes for Biden, despite the popular vote coming in (once again) in the Democratic Party's favor.

Pruitt cautions that the only way Republicans will lose the 2020 Presidential Election is if there is a manipulation of mail-in ballots in key battleground states. This is one of the reasons, he reminds us, that most countries in the EU refuse to allow them because of the history and ease of mail-in ballot fraud.

Short of this, the silent Trump vote will not be accurately identified before Election Night and therefore cause mass confusion once in-person polling results come in favoring Trump, whereas mail-in ballots overwhelmingly support Biden. This may be the first time in modern history where each method of voting will have different winners, and this is certain to create public perception problems overall.

Most Americans would agree that the lack of freedom for all people to openly display their political preferences without repercussion is a real factor in this election cycle.

For example, The New York Post recently highlighted how supporters of the Biden–Harris campaign reported feeling completely comfortable vocalizing their support to pollsters, friends, and family members versus supporters of the Trump-Pence campaign who often felt attacked by those around them.

Pollsters are hesitant to reveal real evidence suggesting that Trump supporters are either lying about their political affiliation, claiming to be undecided, or refusing to answer polls. But why?

Because it would put them out of a job... That is, except for the Trafalgar Group's Chief Pollster, Robert Cahaly.

Presidential Pollster, Robert C. Cahaly

In 2016, Robert Cahaly and the Trafalgar Group made headlines as the only major polling organization who correctly predicted a Trump presidential win.

Once again, Cahaly is going against the grain predicting Trump will do much better in swing states than most expect — winning Michigan, Florida, Texas, Arizona, and North Carolina.

He predicts Trump will win a minimum of 280 electoral votes overall despite only needing 270 to win.

More importantly, Cahaly cites how his polling methods are different from his well-funded competitors who are completely ignoring social-bias and fear of Trump support backlash as variables.

Cahaly says his polling samples are in the thousands (versus the smaller samples of other polling organizations) and asserts that Biden voters are five times more likely than Trump supporters to participate in lengthy polls with 20-25 questions, whereas he only asks a few key questions and guarantees responder anonymity.

Most notably, Cahaly believes that 98.5 percent of voters have already made up their mind, and that those who are claiming to be "undecided" are actually closet Trump supporters.

He claims that Pennsylvania will be the toughest swing state for Trump to win, with the razor-thin mail-in ballot margin making the final determination.

Either way, the election night results of November 3rd will be a nail-biter evening for everyone involved.

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Article written by The Gen Z Post Staff


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