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Welcome to the Future of Politics.

My name is Jett James Pruitt. I am a Pulitzer Prize-nominated bestselling author, political strategist, and Founder/Editor-In-Chief of this online news publication.


As a teenager, I am greatly concerned with the future of our country. I am particularly concerned with the most pressing critical issues, that if mishandled, could mean the disintegration of our country, or even the extinction of our species.  

The purpose of this news site is to show ALL GENERATIONS that the future of America is not some hypothetical theory, it is alive right now.


We are the ones who will inherit your problems. We are the ones who will inherit your deficit. We are the ones who will inherit your damaged Earth. And we must influence the stewards of our collective fate until we can take over the helm.

For this reason, it is my goal in life to serve as one of the most prominent POLITICAL VOICES of Generation Z.

Thank you for visiting.

Jett James Pruitt

Founder & Editor-In-Chief

The Gen Z Post

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“Among the ranks of Greta Thunberg and the students of Parkland High School, Jett James Pruitt is a powerful force in the movement of young people shaping our country’s future. His rare voice of progressive conservatism is a refreshing change from the far-left radical ideology of his generation, and bridges the gap between conservative values and economic equality the majority of Americans have long been waiting for.”


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