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The Most Important Decision of 2020

Check Out My New UPDATED List of the Top Contenders for Vice President on the 2020 Democratic National Ticket.

The death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 changed everything — especially the race for the White House this November.

As we know, Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden, will be 78 years old if he is sworn in as president on January 20, 2021. If elected, he will be the oldest person ever sworn in as president. And given the media’s attention to Biden's occasional verbal mishaps in public, his choice of running mate will be the most important decision of his campaign.

Vice President Biden has been vocal about his ideas for a running mate. We know he knows the job description well and has a pretty good idea of what he’s looking for.

But now with racial tensions at an all-time high, the pressure for Joe Biden to choose a female African-American candidate practically guarantees that one of the following women will be on the ballot this Fall.

Here is my NEW list of the Top 5 contenders for Biden's choice for Vice President:

1. Kamala Harris: Senator from California. Harris is a great choice given she's only 55 years old, has already been vetted for president, and is undoubtedly a household name. For me, Senator Harris is a personal favorite in that she embodies the kind of spunk we’d like to see in a debate with Vice President Mike Pence. If name recognition is an important factor for Biden, then Harris will be his partner in November.

2. Keisha Lance Bottoms: Mayor of Atlanta. Mayor Lance Bottoms is considered one of the most popular mayors among large cities and has been loyal to Biden for years. At a super-young 50 years old, Bottoms would be a good choice for Biden given that she is a fresh face on the national scene and would give a big "shout out" in support of states' and cities' rights currently under debate.

3. Stacey Abrams: Candidate for Governor of Georgia. For whatever reason, my gut tells me that Biden wants 46-year-old Stacey Abrams above all others. Why? Because she's smart, well-liked, and has an Oprah-like warmth rarely seen in political circles. Biden knows Abrams is loyal, but her lack of obtaining a high-profile elected position in government may stop Biden from actually "popping the question."

4. Susan Rice: Former National Security Advisor for President Obama. If Biden is looking for a knowledgeable and highly-experienced running mate, then Susan Rice should be his first choice. She's an expert on diplomacy, national security, foreign policy, and undoubtedly has the qualifications to lead the country should Biden not be able to finish out his term. In addition, she too is only 55 years old, and has been behind the scenes long enough to barely be touched by the Internet troll mob, and may be his bet bet for that reason alone.

5. Muriel Bowser: Mayor of Washington, D.C. At only 47 years old, Mayor Bowser rocketed onto the national scene after changing a road leading to the White House into "Black Lives Matter Plaza." The strong advocate for making the District of Columbia our country's 51st state is the most vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and would garner tremendous support from the party's more left-leaning voters.


BONUS: If I were to pick a sixth place contender, it would be Representative Val Dennings of Florida. Her selection would more than likely put Central Florida into Biden's corner and her inspiring background story of being the first in her family to graduate from college is exactly what America is looking for right now. However, Denning's past law-enforcement experience as Chief of Police may cause Biden's team to pause — OR — it will make her the final choice as it could literally go either way.

Truth is, these are unprecedented times and Denning's selection would signal to independent voters that Biden is serious about tackling systemic racism and societal change.


In sum, the prospect of having a female African-American vice president will be a positive move forward as a country. As much as I dislike the notion of identity politics, I think in this case, Biden's choice of VP will take us one step closer to having our first Madam Vice President.

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Article written by Jett James Pruitt


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