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The Birth of "The Gen Z Post"

Fourteen-Year-Old Author Launches Political News Site Aimed at Changing the Way Adult Politicians Think.

Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Jett James Pruitt

New York, NY — (Vanderbilt Publishing, LLC)

Move over Millennials, there’s a new generation in town.

With schools shut down across the country due to the Coronavirus pandemic, kids stuck at home are finding new ways to learn and make a difference.

Take for instance, fourteen-year-old, Jett James Pruitt of Palm Beach, Florida.

After hearing the release of his first book was being postponed due to COVID-19, Pruitt decided to use his free time to create — a brand new political news website aimed at showing Washington insiders what’s at stake.

“The purpose of The Gen Z Post is to show all generations that the future of America is not some hypothetical theory, it is alive right now. We are the ones who will inherit your problems. We are the ones who will inherit your deficit. We are the ones who will inherit the damaged Earth. And we must influence the stewards of our collective fate until we can take over the helm,” said Pruitt on his website.

A self-proclaimed “progressive conservativewho’s political ideology falls somewhere in between progressive and conservative ideals with statements like, “I am pro-human from conception to grave,” Pruitt takes on the identity politics and histrionic rants of the generation before him by offering fresh solutions to problems facing our country today.

Born in 2005 to a single Hispanic/Native American mother, Pruitt was diagnosed with “moderate to severe autism” at the age of two, and was completely non-verbal until the age of four. After numerous early intervention programs and holistic treatments, Pruitt shocked the medical community with his recovery, and formally lost his Autism diagnosis by the age of six.

His unique interest in politics began at the age of nine, blossoming with the 2016 presidential election.

His very first book, Through the Eyes of a Young American: A Teenager’s Perspective on Government, Politics and Solving Our Country’s Biggest Problems (now scheduled for release June 9, 2020 by Vanderbilt Publishing), is a powerful commentary on today’s political landscape, and offers ways to resolve our nation’s biggest challenges with health care, taxation, social security, trade, tariffs, protectionism, automation, climate change, education, debt forgiveness, wealth inequality, labor, welfare, wages, military spending, border security, universal basic income, capitalism, entrepreneurship, abortion, gun violence, child sex trafficking, racism and the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

On a quiet Easter Sunday during a pandemic, Pruitt's first political news site — The Gen Z Post — went live.

“It is my goal in life to be the most prominent political voice of Generation Z,” said Pruitt in closing. “Anything I can do to influence Washington to create a better future for myself and my peers, I will do it.”

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