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Seven Things America Must Do to Restore Voter Faith By 2024

Millions of Americans Support Legal Action to Uncover Potential Voting Irregularities. What Can We Do As A Country To Avoid This From Happening Next Time?

On November 12, 2020, the federal Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council posted a joint statement citing: "There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes or was in any way compromised," and more importantly, that the 2020 election "was the most secure in American history."

Despite this statement, thousands of Trump supporters marched in the streets of Washington, D.C. today, and another estimated 73 million people support legal checks and balances to make sure our election was free from voting irregularities. But why?

As if 2020 wasn't an oddball year already, multiple stories of dead people voting, mail-in ballot fraud, poll watchers with binoculars, Sharpie marker switches, and Dominion software glitches, are being shared from house to house, by word of mouth, despite the media's ubiquitous efforts to squash these "conspiracy theories" minutes after they are posted.

So how did the country that was once the gold standard for democratic elections fall under the iron hand of fact-checking bots that immediately cancel voter observations, questions, and concerns?

The answer is clear:

Social Media censorship has not only controlled the narrative surrounding this election, it has also inadvertently created widespread paranoia convincing half of America "they" are trying to hide something.

Just who they are exactly, and why they are going to such extreme efforts to kill stories from century-old newspapers like The New York Post, only adds fuel to the proverbial conspiracy fire which has now turned into a solid, living, breathing, real-world phenomena.

That's right. Systemic censorship is no longer a conspiracy theory, it is now out in the open for all to see. It has been delivered to us—wrapped up in glitter paper with a curly bow—under the gift of stomping out "fake news" and saving us all from the horrors of reading bad, misleading, and grossly false information.

"Fact-Checked" is simply NewSpeak for American Censorship.

And the Supreme Court may take notice... Very soon.

It is a fact that both Facebook and Twitter have notoriously blocked accounts from established news agencies who tried to present evidence against certain candidates. It is a fact that Social Media platforms regularly state Election Updates which only cite the judgements of major media sources and do not include legally certified election results. It is a fact that when one Googles: "When is inauguration day?" they receive the following response:

Funny, I didn't ask about Joe Biden.

No matter which presidential candidate you voted for, this practice should seriously worry you. Because if it is left unchecked, next time, the media may turn against your candidate, your industry, your religion, your employer, or maybe even you.

Censorship spreads like wildfire once it is allowed into our country. It grants no mercy and takes no prisoners. And only when that fire directly touches one's life, will one understand how ruthless this practice truly is.

So, Where Do We Go From Here?

At the time of this writing, not one of the fifty states have legally certified the winner of its electoral votes. Social media has declared Biden as the winner, despite dozens of lawsuits filed across the country asserting the contrary, because the media has unanimously told the American people the lawsuits are completely bogus and to ignore them.

Will Joe Biden become our next president-elect? Absolutely. But social media doesn't get to declare him the winner until the courts and electoral college certify the Will of the American people on January 6, 2021.

Let the legal process work as it is designed, because, as we know, the media doesn't always get it right.

In addition, America often forgets that our country is a representative republic, not a direct democracy. We do not directly elect our officials. Instead, we elect people to make that decision for us. These inviduals are called electors and together they are referred to as the Electoral College.

Although highly unlikely, sometimes electors go rogue, changing the will of the voters they represent, and vote for someone unexpected like they did in 1836 and 1872. When they do this, they are called faithless electors, yet the Constitution grants them this right to vote for the person they believe is best suited to serve as president.

Now, why would our Founding Fathers do this?

Because they built in a stop-gap measure to ensure a crazy man like Adolf Hitler would never rise to power, even if the people adored him.

Undoubtedly, this is a powerful feature of our Constitution.

Yet in 2020, the Supreme Court upheld states' rights in Chiafalo v. Washington to pass laws allowing them to reverse or cancel the votes of faithless electors.

As of now, only 32 states (plus the District of Columbia) have laws against faithless electors, and only 15 of those 32 states have laws that can remove, penalize, or cancel the votes of disobedient electors.

Which means that 34 states can literally vote for whomever they wish, but of course, at the risk of starting a nationwide blanket of riots that could lead to a Second Civil War, given today's intense political climate.

It's true that we cannot change the Electoral College overnight, however, there are bi-partisan things we can do as a country NOW to reduce the incidence of voter fraud and restore voter faith in future elections.

But these laws must be adopted and tested immediately by the courts, or risk being implemented too late for a free and fair election in 2024.


Although elections are managed by each individual state, the following national laws should be passed to guarantee election integrity across the board:

1) Pass National Anti-Censorship Laws to Stop Social Media Platforms From Squashing News Stories of Any Kind.

Let the people decide what is real and fake news. Let voters decide what is true and false. Do not allow Big Tech to undermine the efforts of journalists who uncover stories that can turn elections, no matter how outrageous their claims may be. If our society survived grocery store tabloid headlines about alien abductions, Bigfoot reunions, and Elvis working at BestBuy, we can survive stories about laptops being left in repair shops.

2) Election Day Must Not Become Election Week.

The final day, the first Tuesday of November, must be the final day of collecting ballots. All states must start early voting 6 days prior to this deadline. All legal mail-in ballots must be received BEFORE the first Tuesday in November, or it should not be counted. If you vote by mail, you need to send it in early.

3) Require Valid Photo ID for All In-Person Voters and Photocopies of Photo ID for Absentee Voters.

If a valid photo ID is required for airlines, schools, utilities, courthouses, passports, and transactions at every other government building in the nation, why should voting be any less rigorous? This is a no brainer. This law should be enacted immediately.

4) Severely Reduce the Use of Mail-in Ballots, As Well as Ballot Drop-off Boxes, and Only Accept Absentee Ballots from the Disabled, the U.S. Military, and Citizens Living Abroad.

I was shocked to learn that the majority of countries in the European Union ban mail-in ballots due to the vulnerability of fraud. Why is this not headline news?

Mail-in ballots should be a last resort only. If you send in your ballot, you must have a witness sign and also provide a copy of their photo ID. If you are away from home during Election Week, you need to plan ahead. For example, if you are a resident of Ohio but winter in Florida, then you must register to vote in Florida.

5) Install Multiple Cameras and 24/7 LIVE STREAM All Ballot Counting at All Locations.

We have no problem live streaming pregnant pandas and giraffes about to give birth, but refuse to show the world how we count ballots? Put cameras in the rooms. Everywhere. Full transparency in future elections is an absolute must.

6) Allow Both Republicans and Democrats To Immediately Audit Election Software Results on Election Night.

Makers of voting software have been under fire after a Michigan election official said one company had accidentally switched thousands of votes from Trump to Biden—a story immediately snuffed out by the media. Either way, both parties should have the right to receive software logs to check for fraud as soon as the initial count is finished.

7) End Same Day Voter Registration. Period.

A whopping 19 states (plus the District of Columbia) allow same day voter registration. Just imagine how this can affect the total known universe of voters and thus our ability to detect voter fraud and anomalies, like a 99.99 percent turnout rate in a rural county.

Everyone knows YEARS in advance when the next election day will be.

Americans should plan ahead and make sure they are registered, verified, and eligible to vote. Elevating the laws surrounding elections is NOT voter suppression, it is restoring voter integrity for all Americans nationwide.

Although these measures will do very little to solve the problems being discussed today, it will certainly impact the integrity of future elections and benefit all of us, tomorrow.

Article Written By Jett James Pruitt

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