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Gen Z Post Founder Makes Headlines on Wall Street With New Book

15-year-old Founder and Editor-In-Chief of, Jett James Pruitt, Makes Headlines on Yahoo, Benzinga, Morningstar, Stockhouse and More For Proposing New Concept of "Smart Capitalism" in His First Book, “Through the Eyes of a Young American”

Note: This article was written by the Publicity Team for Vanderbilt Publishing, LLC

2020 is the year of fear, civil unrest, and political divide. Many Americans feel forced to choose between conservative and progressive party lines. But do they have another choice?

Called one of the “Best Books of 2020” by, and "The most important book to read this year" by Rev. Dr. C. William Mercer, THROUGH THE EYES OF A YOUNG AMERICAN: A TEENAGER’S PERSPECTIVE ON GOVERNMENT, POLITICS AND SOLVING OUR COUNTRY’S BIGGEST PROBLEMS is a groundbreaking treatise that carves a new path between Democrat and Republican ideologies, and offers fresh ideas and concrete plans to move forward together as a nation.

On June 18th, Wall Street took notice of the recently published book, calling the first-time author "Generation Z's most powerful political strategist" while praising his proposal of smart capitalism — a free-market economic theory that maintains the best of capitalism while controlling wild corporate profiteering at the expense of human life.

Many political books have been released this election year, so why did Wall Street find this one so interesting?

First, it was written by a teenager. Not just any teen, but by a fourteen-year-old, Hispanic/Native American + Caucasian teen diagnosed with Autism as a child.

Born in 2005 and raised by a single Hispanic/Native American mother in New York City, Jett James Pruitt was diagnosed with “moderate to severe autism” at the age of two and was completely non-verbal until the age of four. After numerous early-intervention programs and holistic treatments, he shocked the medical community with his recovery and formally lost his Autism diagnosis by the age of six.

Pruitt’s unique interest in politics began at the age of nine, blossoming with the 2016 presidential election. At the age of 14, he founded the political news website,

Despite the author’s young age, THROUGH THE EYES OF A YOUNG AMERICAN has received critical acclaim for being exceptionally well-written, highly intellectual, and clearly intended for older generations, as well as Millennials and Generation Z.

“I want to show all generations that the future of America is not some hypothetical theory, it is alive right now. We are the ones who will inherit your problems. We are the ones who will inherit your deficit. We are the ones who will inherit the damaged Earth. And we must influence the stewards of our collective fate until we can take over the helm,” said Pruitt on his website.

Second, Pruitt sets forth in his book a new definition for “progressive conservatism” and methodically proves the theory that conservative and progressive ideals are not mutually exclusive. This theory is especially attractive to the millions of disgruntled conservatives, centrist progressives, and fierce independents feeling lost in this volatile election year.

In fact, Morningstar claims, "Pruitt masterfully weaves a 'pro-human from conception to grave' theme across multiple political issues in an effort to create better life conditions and economic circumstances for all Americans, while maintaining key family values and freedoms across all demographics."

Third, Pruitt offers specific, solid, and innovative ways to resolve our nation’s biggest challenges with healthcare, taxation, social security, trade, tariffs, protectionism, automation, climate change, education, debt forgiveness, wealth inequality, labor, welfare, wages, military spending, border security, universal basic income, capitalism, entrepreneurship, abortion, gun violence, child sex trafficking, racism, and the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

Most notable is Pruitt’s ability to address so many complex topics within 200 pages due to his sharp, elegant, and effortless writing style, and is (according to Benzinga) "perhaps the driving reason why his publisher nominated THROUGH THE EYES OF A YOUNG AMERICAN for the 2021 Pulitzer Prize."

“It is my goal in life to be the most prominent political voice of Generation Z,” said Pruitt in a recent interview. “Anything I can do to influence Washington to create a better future for myself and my peers, I will do it.”

Published by Vanderbilt Publishing, THROUGH THE EYES OF A YOUNG AMERICAN is NOW AVAILABLE in both print and digital formats and is available everywhere books are sold.

Visit to purchase a copy.

Visit to learn more about the author and his work.

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