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Book Review: "The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For" by Charlotte Alter

Read Our Full Review of "The Ones We've Been Waiting For: How A New Generation of Leaders Will Transform America" by Charlotte Alter

In some ways, Generation Z is just an extension of the Millennial Generation before us.

Many of the political issues facing young people — such as exorbitant deficits, economic hardship, and environmental destruction — are the same issues that will define the future of Millennials, and our country as a whole.

The recently published: The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For: How A New Generation of Leaders Will Transform America, written by thirty-year-old Charlotte Alter, provides a riveting look at how 26 Millennials on Capitol Hill are shaping the new landscape of this country.

By sharing stories about the early lives of rising political stars such as Pete Buttigieg, Dan Crenshaw, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Alter offers readers hope that a new generation of Americans will disrupt the current divisive and dysfunctional system now institutionalized in the United States.

In general, the book is a great read with 344 pages filled with interesting information. Although well-researched, Alter’s frequent spotlight on the advanced ages of current Washington leaders can sometimes make her look anti-octagenarian, and make the reader feel uncomfortable. Yet despite this, she accurately summarizes how many Americans feel deserted, exploited, and neglected by the current power-brokers of Washington, D.C.

Author Charlotte Alter on Twitter

The book's description on Amazon says it best: "A new generation is stepping up. There are now twenty-six millennials in Congress — a fivefold increase gained in the 2018 midterms alone. They are governing Midwestern cities and college towns, running for city councils, and serving in state legislatures. They are acting urgently on climate change (because they are going to live it); they care deeply about student debt (because they have it); they are utilizing big tech but still want to regulate it (because they understand how it works). In The Ones We've Been Waiting For, TIME correspondent Charlotte Alter defines the class of young leaders who are remaking the nation — how grappling with 9/11 as teens, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, occupying Wall Street and protesting with Black Lives Matter, and shouldering their way into a financially rigged political system has shaped the people who will govern the future."

In her book, Alter successfully weaves the tale of economic struggle, generational impact, and cultural transformation that helps define who Millennials are. For this reason, I highly recommend this book to all lovers of politics, regardless of age.

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Article written by Jett James Pruitt

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